Thursday, April 17, 2014

4/17 by Kim Cox

Following the Right Leader

Whenever anyone tells me to follow them the first thing my brain goes to is (truthfully) not the bible but
DISNEY! For days I can’t get the darn “Following the Leader” song from Peter Pan out of my head. That
song is actually quite ironic as you have the followers (The Lost Boys) angering bears, monkeys, etc and
the leader (John) is ignorantly unaware that he is about to lead them into an ambush. And I can’t help
but think, “Isn’t that like us”.

Some “John” who is a persuasive, well spoken, possibly good looking person stands up exclaiming that
they have the newest, brightest, piece of heaven that is going to save humanity and we follow them
full hearted only to find out too late that it wasn’t quite what we had in mind. The extra hours at our
job didn’t lead to that promotion (or the feeling we wanted from it), our new iphone is about to be
outdated in 2 months by the iphone45, or there really wasn’t a brand new wagon outside the house and
your older brother and sister had lured you out maliciously to lock you out of the house while they were
“so-called babysitting” (true story).

The POINT is that we should be wise with who we choose to follow in showing us the purpose of our
lives. There is only one GOOD leader and his name is Jesus Christ. The hope would be that if we were
hearing wisdom from our trusted friends and comrades around us that they too would be following
Christ as well. I (follow) Christ, THEY (follow) Christ, I (follow) Them that (follow) Christ. After all, Christ
actually wants to take care of you. Lk: 22-24

Now I, who know to follow Christ with my life, fall into the “The Lost Boys” category. While I am
following Christ with my life, I keep poking at those around me. And while I doing those things that we
know that we do, those “stuffing our umbrellas in people’s nose” things, I realize I’m not showing the
best side of the person I follow. We have the great privilege to be a reflection of Christ’s love. Titus 3:3-8
Reminder for this Lenten season: Follow Christ, Reflect his love… stop hitting others in the nose :p


  1. 4/17 by Dave Eagle
    "Like Angels"

    What I'm used to seeing in these blogs is something bright and inspirational.
    Unfortunately I have a scriptural that bugs me, but I think my bringing it up
    might be of some interest to some of our members/attendees. Besides I might learn something. So I'm going to encourage anybody to talk to me about this one.
    Maybe I can get a clear view after it's over. I wouldn't want to carry this question for years to come.
    In Luke 20 starting in verse 27-38 is what I would call most of the pertinent verses. This is a record of the Sadducees who say this is no resurrection,
    asking Christ about of course the resurrection. I'm already suspicious.
    This is a case where 7 brothers each marry the same woman.... The first brother was married to this woman, than the second, on up to the 7th brother, and then last of all the woman died. So in the resurrection, whose wife would she be, ask the Sadducees. The whole idea behind this is that in heaven everybody would live forever. You wouldn't have to worry about parents dying off without any offspring, nobody to carry on the family name.
    Verse 20:36 "... for they cannot die anymore because they are equal to angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection."
    The part that worries me is being equal to the angels. In what sense is this?
    1/3 of the angels fell from heaven with Lucifer in the "fall." They seem to be in an unredeemable state. Today, we have an ongoing corporate prayer of confession
    or a practice of quietly writing sins down, bringing them to center Sanctuary stage
    and disposing of them, as an act of God's forgiveness of sins. We don't need to carry them anymore.
    However, in a resurrected body we can no longer sin, and be directly in God's presence.
    This is on a par of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit today, the unforgiveable sin.
    So somebody at the church, wait until you get there. Somebody else says, we're all living for Satan today... In the future situation we would realize that this existence of living for Satan wasn't that good. In a resurrected body we would be too smart to fall for this. This all sounds good, but "chapter and verse please."
    To gain a biblical perspective, we'd have to find the biblical record of why all those angels fell with Satan, creating hell. And we'd have to make the distinction
    between us in the resurrection versus the state of the angels. I don't even know where to begin, and I know this is going to bother me. Help! Dave Eagle

  2. I don't know how to post a blog, but attaching this comment to someone else's comment, I can do. There was something interesting on the internet. It had about 10 people applying for a director of operations job. The job had a lot of bending and stooping in it. It had no breaks, no lunches. It was a 24/7 job and you couldn't even sleep. It was also without pay. One of the women replied, "Is this even legal." One by one each of the people being interviewed were smiling and relieved, when the interviewer finally explained: The last person to do this job was your Mom!!!